Ballbusting Girls

April 3rd, 2010

Ballbusting girls Nikita and Chantel are two sisters who just love to bust balls. In this interview they describe how they strongly believe that all men are inferior bastards and deserve nothing more than to have their nuts kicked and tortured and made to cry! Baz seems rather shocked by their response, but gets even more worried when they decide they want to bust his balls. His protests are ignored and it is apparent that this two girls are going to do their worst on him whether he likes it or not!!!

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male genitorture videos

December 23rd, 2008

Be carefull guys , here is another gallery with cock and ball torture ,where the hot Mistress is using a nasty cock and ball torture device , this is what they call male genitorture , and be warned , these tortures can cause permenant damage to the cock and balls of the slave , so all this play is not without risk , its the beginning  of castration of the inferior male , by the Dominant females , the cock and ball tissue gets damaged easilly and these males are chosen by the powerful females to start their castration process , so nobody has to worry about them reproducing their selves , as if they could get pussy , but anyway , the gallery comes from a very intense cock and ball torture site , brutal at times , with real mean bitches who are not playing around but who mean business , so don’t just run into the lair of these lionesses my brothers , think twice , watching on the internet is much more save , and I know fantasizing about these mean cruel hot looking females torturing your cock and balls can be very powerful and horny so click the photo and see the free cbt video gallery have fun

Cock and Ball torture pain for mechanic with attitude

October 24th, 2008

Dominant Ladies don’t like men with an attitude ,and these ladies encounter a car mechanic who thinks he is al that , well not in the world of these ladies , as they quickly show him who is the ruling sex even in the workplace , they get out his cock and balls and start to twist it and torture it untill the macho pig starts to scream like a little girl , but the Ladies are not finished with his attitude yet , they get out some of his Tools and start torturing him with the mechanic’s tools , this is some real brutal cock and ball torture done by very hot and sexy  Femdoms , the great thing this episode can be seen in high quality video , where you can anjoy the whole cock and ball torture episode which has an happy ending for the mechanic ;) will it also give you a happy ending tonight ???

Femdom Cbt

October 6th, 2008

Mistress Lorelei is not have as sweet as her name , Mrs Lorelei loves to torture slave cocks and balls and this photo comes from a session she was having with one of her slaves , who she beated in his balls severly before she started pleasuring his small cock , well this photo comes straight from their session and it shows the slave cock in some cock torture device , but the true torture device is the mind of Mistress Lorelei and if you want to find out what I mean with this statement you better go and download this scene to see for yourself that the most cruel torture tool is Lorelei’s mind

Hot blonde Mistress Tortures small cock

October 6th, 2008

Outdoor cock and ball torture for the conaiseurs  of hot cbt , here there is this REAL dominant petite blonde Lady who totally Dominated this skinny small dick male and makes him crawl for her and he does as she commands , she whips him , humiliates him with hars words just to prepare him for the real pain which she will inflict on his cock and balls , this is great stuff if you love cbt done  by a hot Femdom then you should check out this scene it got 2 thumbs up from me , but go check it out yourself and have some fun doing it ;)

free cbt video gallery

October 6th, 2008

Here some pretty harsh cock and ball torture by a hot Mistress with a very sexy face and body , but she is not being nice at all , she is mean and sadistic and she humiliated and degrades this lucky male , who is lucky to be abused by such hot girl , his cock and balls gets some rought handling from her she pulls him towards her by jerking himtowards her holding his cock , this looks painfull and horny at the same time , this poor guy might have the time of his life being Dominated by such hot girl , well not only that guy is lucky right now , YOU are LUCKY 2 because I have added a free cbt video gallery for YOU all you need to do is click the photo and you can watch 4 free sample cock and ball torture videos …Have Fun Slave Boy ;)

Extreme Cbt with electro

October 6th, 2008

For Fuck Sakes this some real extreme cock and ball torture content , maybe a bit to extreme for most cocks visiting this blog , but this is what this is place is about , and you might be one of those who craves extreme cock and ball torture well , this photo gallery is gonna make your day . A very cruel Dorky looking Mistress is really hardcore when it comes to abusing her submissive males , she prepares this slave cock in a very nasty way , she connects him to an electro device where she can shoot direct electric waves into this slave cock and you betcha that her red hair pussy is getting wet when she sees her slave suffer as I know these Sadistic chicks they get wet on torturing what they consider dumb ass submissive guys and the good thing the subs get off on the fact that they are being abused by a genuine sadistic lady …the beauty of consensual Bdsm , well well back to PAIN cock and ball torture pain ,if you want to see the electrocution of this cock , you should join Men in Pain any time soon ( maybe now is the right time )

Hard Cock Trampling with high heels

October 6th, 2008

some may call this extreme cock and ball torture but they don’t know what the real extreme shit is , in this video the slave who is humiliated by being forced into some sexy slut stockings , he is laying on the table with extreme nipple clamps attached to his nipples and while he is in this pain around his hard cock is a wire , and his sweet sweet Mistress is so kind to trample his hard cock with her high heels , when I watched this video I heard this tortured slave moan , she is hurting him real bad and that might be something he will be very grateful of as , you should know its a honor to have your cock and balls crushed by such hot lady , well enough of talks time for the action enjoy the bdsm cock and ball torture picture given to us by Domina Film ( where the real slaves go to get their “kick” )

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October 6th, 2008

Warning the next videos are extremly hot you might burn yourself !!!!!  This is what you guys must have hoped for when searching the web ,A very hot Mistress with hot sexy body who is very stricts and treats her sub male as a piece of shit you can see he is being owned by this hot woman and he will even drink her piss if she wants it and the Best thing is I know you would also drink her piss if she asks that from you , but in these free cbt movies , things arnt going like that , the little naked submissive male worships her feet before he gets some whipping from the hot and real Mistress , and then OOch she grabs his package and starts abussing his balls and his cock , this is some very hot Femdom action which will make you beg for more , well for more of this high quality femdom videos you need to go to Russian-Mistress and join their club for exclusive high quality cock and ball torture done by sexy hot cruel and demanding Russian Ladies


Cock and Ball Torture Pain

October 6th, 2008

Sadistic Mistress has her feminized slave tied up and suspended from the ground , the male who is forced in to women clothes is just hanging like her helpless victim and this Sadistic Lady loves to have males in her dungeon for some humiliation especially those small cock males , who really think they are all that , she loves degrading them to their natural place , and that is to be a slave for the Mistress , this male is hanging there in high heels and a skirt , his small cock and balls showing , because he is on the receiving end of some cock and ball torture pain  . She whips his small cock and degrades him with cruel words at the same time or should I say that she degrades her because she made him her bitch and is now able to do whatsoever she likes with this cbt victim who most probably like this kind of attention from a Mistress well if you want to see the whole cock and ball torture episode you need to visit Cruel Women Rules and enjoy the torture