Extreme Cbt with electro

For Fuck Sakes this some real extreme cock and ball torture content , maybe a bit to extreme for most cocks visiting this blog , but this is what this is place is about , and you might be one of those who craves extreme cock and ball torture well , this photo gallery is gonna make your day . A very cruel Dorky looking Mistress is really hardcore when it comes to abusing her submissive males , she prepares this slave cock in a very nasty way , she connects him to an electro device where she can shoot direct electric waves into this slave cock and you betcha that her red hair pussy is getting wet when she sees her slave suffer as I know these Sadistic chicks they get wet on torturing what they consider dumb ass submissive guys and the good thing the subs get off on the fact that they are being abused by a genuine sadistic lady …the beauty of consensual Bdsm , well well back to PAIN cock and ball torture pain ,if you want to see the electrocution of this cock , you should join Men in Pain any time soon ( maybe now is the right time )

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